Provincial Training Committee
(Front row - Monica, Tamara, Brenda A, Alison; Back row- Jane, Sandy, Kendra, Brenda F.)

Provincial Training Adviser: Tamara Sweet-Letts

Provincially Sponsored Trainings in 2019

If you have questions about any of these trainings contact
Safe TALK and Mental Health Workshop (May 10-12)
For Guide, Pathfinder and Ranger Guiders who want to learn how to talk to girls about suicide and suicidal thoughts, learn to recognize the signs and to learn to take care of their personal mental health.

AC and DC Workshop (August 23-25)
For first or second year Area and District Commissioners, learn the skills to support your position.

Road to Dynamic Presentations (September 27-29)
For adults wanting to improve their presentations skills or adults who may be interested in becoming trainers.

The Provincial Training Committee Supports and promotes training in BC by:

Implementing the National Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) program and related opportunities
Liaising with Provincial and National committees
Participating at training events as the organizers, conductors or  assistants, at the request or approval of the Provincial Council
Helping Areas to meet training needs through encouragement and assistance
Recommending trainers for National and International training assignments or conferences

We encourage and assist trainer development by:

Recognizing new trainer candidates
Issuing trainer appointment letters
Monitoring trainer status (appointment, re-appointment and leaves of absence)
Offering trainer conferences and enrichment opportunities
Assisting with trainer observations
Providing training resources and tools
Administering the BC Trainers’ Challenge

To communicate with all our BC trainers we:

Publish the Training Tidbits newsletter
Correspond with Area Training Advisers through the ATA Bulletin
Circulate training information
Post training resources on the website

Thinking about becoming a trainer? Check the requirements Contact email:

BC Training Committee

Provincial Training Adviser: Tamara Sweet-Letts
Area Training Adviser Liaison: Alison Speirs
Committee Administrator: Brenda Fraser
Events Coordinator: Monica Langford
Financial Coordinator: Brenda Anthony
Secretary: Sandy Maloney
Trainer Administrator: Jane Read
Trainer Coordinator: Kendra Mann

For E-learning PINs (Promotional Incentive Numbers), email
Training Committee Application (Word)

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