Public Relations

Public Relations

Provincial Public Relations Adviser: Sue Street

The Provincial Public Relations (PR) Committee

Work to present and promote a positive image of Guiding in British Columbia, both within and outside the organization.

To reach the public and to support our members, the committee uses

  • advertising
  • community connections
  • promotions
  • publicity

Provincial PR Committees special tasks are

Contact emailPublic Relations Committee

BC Public Relations Committee

PR Adviser: Sue Street
Logo Approvals/Administrative Assistant: (VACANT)
Cookie Adviser: Laurie Hooker
Publications Coordinator: Robyn So

Advertising/Media Coordinator: (VACANT)

PR Membership Building Tools
How to use drop sheet (word)
PR dropsheet style one (pdf)
PR dropsheet style two (pdf)


Hot tips for tradeable crests

The Provincial Archives/Museum Committee would like one of your finished products to archive. Please send:
  • product (crest, T-shirt, hat, etc) 
  • design details (designer, symbolism, etc)
  • event details (date, participants, use, etc)

Mail to

BC Council Girl Guides of Canada
Attention: Provincial Archives/Museum Committee
1476 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 1E1

20/05/2018 5:45:25 AM