Sub-Committee of Finance

Made up of volunteers with expertise in property management, finance, legal matters regarding property, property inspection, by-law compliance and GGC National Office policies with regard to properties.


  • Administer real property policy and procedures
  • Obtain capital grants
  • Support campsite and property committees of areas or councils 


Property Management Tasks

  • Be responsible for preparation, revision and disbursement
    of forms and guidelines relevant to property management 
  • Receive and distribute information from government
    departments regarding relevant regulations/laws 
  • Keep informed of health, safety, fire and insurance regulations
    as they apply to buildings and equipment in our facilities 
  • Assist managers/councils to obtain skills and information to
    effectively manage properties for which they are responsible 
  • Encourage councils in developing long-range plans
    for properties within their jurisdiction 
  • Assist councils in maintaining valid ownership or contractual
    rights to use property, as appropriate and in compliance
    with Girl Guides of Canada bylaws and policies

Go to Finance Forms for additional information and forms 

Contact email:

3/22/2019 6:08:00 PM