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Girl Guides of Canada - BC Council

1476 West 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC   V6H 1E1
T: 604-714-6636
F: 604-714-6645
Toll Free: 1-800-565-8111

Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Fridays before Long weekends, and every Friday in July and August: Office closes earlier at 3:00 pm

General Inquiries

General Information/Guide House Bookings
 Registration Questions     1-800-565-8111 (answered locally)
 Safe Guide Form Submissions/Questions

Provincial Office

 Provincial Commissioner     Leslie Bush
 Deputy Provincial Commissioner    Helen Varga
 Deputy Provincial Commissioner    Colleen Kellner
 Deputy Provincial Commissioner    Darlene Kent
 Treasurer    Roanna McCormack
 Operations Manager    Joan Coert
 Executive Assistant    Karen Sharma
 Finance Manager    Patty Lowe
 Finance Clerk    Simin Richardson
 Properties Assistant    Antonia Clark
 Registration/Member Admin Clerk    Lynn Murray
 Office Clerk    Kaylin Pearce
 Committee Assistant
 Jonathan Dagostino
 Events/Membership Admin Clerk    Lisa Schindler
 Adult Records Administrator    Carol Thorbes
 Girl Records Administrator    Tammy Smith

Standing Committees

 Camping    Joy Andersen
 Cookies    Laurie Hooker
 Finance    Roanna McCormack
 International    Teri Craig
 Membership    Gerry Koepke
 Program    Colleen McKenna/Susan Stephen
 Public Relations
   Sue Street
 Training    Kerrie Glover
 Safe Guide Forms and Questions

Supporting Committees

 Archives    Jean Reeve
 Awards    Tracy L. Clark
 iMIS    Sheralynne Muirhead
 Inclusivity-Diversity Specialist
   Fiona Rogan
 Link    Melissa Curatolo
 Logo Use
 Lones    Neena Olson
 Properties    Peggy Hartman
 Rangers    Elizabeth Hardy/Carissa Konesky
 Trefoil Guild    Joyce Perrie
 Water Activities

Area Commissioners

 Fraser Skies Area Commissioner      Email
 Kootenay Area Commissioner      Email
 Lions Area Commissioner      TBA
 Lougheed Area Commissioner      Email
 Monashee Area Commissioner      Email
 Pacific Shores Area Commissioner      Email
 Rivers North Area Commissioner      Email
 Southern Vancouver Island Area Co-Commissioners      Email
 Thompson Nicola Area Co-Commissioners      Email
 West Coast Area Commissioner      Email

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