Trex (12-17)

Trex Ages 12-17


Looking for extra adventure?

Extraordinary Option  focuses on innovative Guiding opportunities - a Trex group (unit) is one of them.


In Trex Units, girls plan exciting adventures, challenging themselves

  • physically
  • mentally
  • emotionally

These are activities Trex Units are doing now

  • golfing
  • canoe tripping
  • backpacking
  • rock climbing
  • cycling treks
  • horseback riding

Meetings are

  • not regular
  • to meet to plan
  • to learn new skills

Every Trex Unit develops its own character based on its members interests

To Register

Contact the BC Trex Adviser to locate a Unit near you.

Girls can join a Trex Unit by registering online or if they are also wanting to be involved with a Guide, Pathfinder, or Ranger Unit, they must complete a paper registration

Registration forms: Give to Trex Guider
Application (A.5P),
Health (H.1), and
Image release (IR.1)
Online registration is available if only joining a Trex Unit.

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