Camping Resources

Camping Resources

Activities, Set-Up, Skills

Progression of Camp Cooking (PDF)
Progression of Camp Skills - Activities for Your Meetings (PDF)
Progression of Camp Skills for Girls (PDF)
100 things to do at camp - Pipeline Article (PDF)
Back Country Dish Washing (PDF)
Basic Camp Skills (PDF)
Bear Caching - Pipeline Article (PDF)
Bed sack (PDF)
Camp Challenges Ideas (PDF)
Camp Cooking Techniques (PDF)
Camp Kitchen or Patrol Box (PDF)
Camp Meal Ideas (PDF)
Camp Stoves (PDF)
Camping Apps (PDF)
Custom Poles (PDF)
First Aid Kit List (PDF)
Food Allergies VS Disability Scenarios (PDF)
Food Sensitivities and Lifestyle Diets (PDF)
How to Make a Buddy Burner (PDF)
Instant Meetings
Lighting Stoves or Lanterns (PDF)
Member Zone Camping Resources
Patrol Box Kit (PDF)
Portable Kitchen (PDF)
Pot Cot Instructions (PDF)
Setting Up Your Campsite During Rain (PDF)
Snowshoeing Trips (PDF)
Special Diets (Webinar Slides) (PDF)
Storm Lashing (PDF)
Wash Stand Using PVC (PDF)


Camp Stove Crafts (PDF)
CD Campfire (PDF)
Duct Tape Lanyard (PDF)
Fall Corn Hat Craft (PDF)
Flashlight Camp Hat Trader (PDF)
Lanyard Keychains (PDF)
Pony Bead Flashlight (PDF)


Compass Games (PDF)
Graces Religious (PDF)
Graces Non-Religious (PDF)
Heads or Tails (PDF)
Hula Hoop Team Work Game (PDF)
Instant Snowman Hat Craft (PDF)
Outdoor Skills Games (PDF)
Teamwork Game with Tent Pole (PDF)
Winter Games (PDF)


Baked Apples and Chocolate Mint Pears (PDF) Dessert
Camp Recipes (PDF)
Camp Recipes 2001 (PDF)
Camp Recipe Collection (PDF)
Camp Recipe Collection Part 2 (PDF)
Colleen's Back Country Recipes (PDF)
Dutch Oven Recipes (PDF)
Elk, Moose or Cow Lips (PDF) Dessert/Mug Up
Fun Camp Cooking (PDF)
Fun Food for Camp (PDF)
Gluten Free Campfire Pizza (PDF) Dinner
International Camp Food (PDF)
Lunches To Go (Peanut & Nut Free) (PDF)
OAL Training Recipes (PDF)
OAL Adventure Camping Training Menu (PDF)
Pumpkin Pie in a Pie Iron (PDF) Dessert/Mug Up
Quinoa Salad (PDF)
Red Cabbage & Apple Casserole (PDF) Dinner
Solo Mountain Bars (PDF) Snacks
Spices (PDF)
Spicy Tofu Scramble (PDF)
Trail Mix Bars (PDF)
Trail Recipes (PDF)

Way to Camp! (Camp Skills)

Way to Camp! Table of Contents (PDF)
A Preparation (PDF)
B Quartermastering (PDF)
C Knots and Gadgets (PDF)
D Shelters (PDF)
E Camp Stoves and Lanterns (PDF)
F Fire and Cooking with Fire (PDF)
G Camp Living (PDF)
H Camping Non-Est. Campsites (PDF)
I Flags (PDF)
J Campfire, Reflections (PDF)


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